The reason behind JARANGA

Some have asked me what Jaranga means and why I chose this name for our team. Jaranga is a symbol – a shape or sign that represents a core of meanings. To use an astronomical term: a symbol is a “macrocosm”.

I was inspired by the book “A Dream in Polar Fog” by Y. Rytkheu. The jaranga was the cone-shaped tent of the Ciukcis, the nomadic people of Siberia. This mobile home was built using a wooden frame covered with skins. It had a fire pit inside and was large enough to accommodate lots of people.

The main reasons for choosing “Jaranga” are the following: 

  1. The Ciukcis started the breeding process that led to the dog that we now call Siberian Husky. Thus, the origins of the Siberian Husky take us back to Siberia, even if the features of the modern dog emerged later on in the United States. “Jaranga as the home that used to be”.
  2. Calling my new family Jaranga is a way to be bound to a world of traditions, spirituality and harmony. I look for balance and connection in every aspect of my life, including the activities with my dogs. “Jaranga as an ancient idea of Siberian Husky”.
  3. Have you ever slept in a tent with your dog? It is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I remember how enthusiastic Indi was when we spent our first night out camping. To us, the tent is a modern Jaranga, a den to be shared. “Jaranga as a new home to share”.

I hope that everyone who decides to have a dog creates their own “Jaranga”. 

If you haven’t done it yet, go camping with your dog for a night or just sleep in a tent in the garden or even on your balcony. I can assure that your dog will be grateful.

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