“Exploring is a creative act.”

Fra Indi is an explorer and a musher

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and has been working on arts projects that integrate environmental and natural components.

His interest for a certain type of arts and traditions and the study of different spiritual cultures has led him to look for a more authentic lifestyle.

In 2015, the first Siberian Husky – Indi – came into his life; the desire to start a new journey and sharing it with the others resulted in the creation of the Jaranga Siberian Husky Team and The Project.

Going back to nature through solo explorations has been the first step towards change. 

“The meaning of my exploration is travelling through places unknown to me moving towards the horizon with my dogs. It’s a process based on profound listening and aimed at establishing a dialogue with the nature through a journey of inner search and development of consciousness.”

Fra Indi

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